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February 5th - 9th, 2018

Hi my fellow internet marketing rain makers this memo goes out to you!

We're re-releasing my land flipping program that did over a million in online sales when we originally launched it back in 2008.

Since then, as you know, there has been a ton of exciting new ways to promote products online through Facebook, YouTube and live video broadcasting. So it's never been easier to tap into new markets.

And over the years we've been able to compile a ton of success stories and case studies from our students that have followed the training in the program and have had great success.

Plus, I have completely revamped, restructured and updated the entire program based on the current market conditions and from customer feedback that I've gathered over the years after training thousands of people how to invest in land.

To summarize, it's time to re-release this baby and I want you to get in on the action!

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